If you're looking for flexible contract industrial space or warehousing in Northern Ireland, then we have the largest range on offer from our network of 28 Local Enterprise Agencies dotted around the region in various business parks. Flexibility is key. We know what it's like. A contract might come in and you need to grow fast or you might need to down-size for a bit.

The purpose of Enterprise Northern Ireland and the 28 LEA's is to enable you to survive, thrive and grow. Many businesses go bust, suffer or are prevented from growing because they get locked into a warehouse contract that doesn't grow/shrink with their business needs. We're different. You'll get to know the local teams, they'll take an interest in your business and work with you to plan ahead. There will often be the odd bit of spare space, meaning you can deal with temporary growth issues. Tenants come and tenants go, and with our ear to the ground we are connected into our local business community - so we are always the first people you can come to when you need to find a problem to your solution.

Our network is proud to have helped thousands of businesses since 2000. We look forward to helping you...