NI Enterprise Barometer 2022

The NI Enterprise Barometer 2022, in its fourth year, is a critically important and comprehensive survey, capturing the ‘right now' position, opinions, needs, and ideas of Northern Ireland's small, micro, and self-employed businesses.  The data from the NI Enterprise Barometer is strong and insightful because of the connectivity and engagement that our Local Enterprise Agencies have with their tenants and locally connected businesses.   

Three key themes in this year's findings include:
  • Small business growth is slowing;
  • There is a significant challenge in 2023 with the cost of doing business crisis; and
  • There is a significant number of businesses that won't survive unless the right support is in place

It is important that Government and key delivery partners work with Local Enterprise Agencies, as the network that has the connectivity with local businesses and the agility to deliver supports that businesses are asking for.  

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