LEA Events

The 28 Local Enterprise Agencies of Enterprise Northern Ireland

There are 28 Local Enterprise Agencies (LEA's) in Northern Ireland, run by an amazing team of over 400 people who are dedicated to helping businesses to start up and grow. Most are on business parks or in business centres where you can rent hotdesks, office spaces or industrial units to run and grow your business from. There are also meetings rooms and conference facilities available to the public at extremely reasonable rates. As well as property the LEA's run the business start-up and business growth programmes you will have seen advertised, such as the Go for It and Exploring Enterprise (EEP) Programmes, as well as various other fantastic courses, workshops and 'How to...' clinics that are incredibly valuable for N.Irish SME's and entrepreneurs. Most are FREE which is even better! On this page you can see what's on in your region and around Northern Ireland, and if you can't find what you want then head to this page to find the LEA nearest to you, give them a call or connect and they'll be happy to help. 

There are no events currently available.