NI Embraces Creative Problem Solving

Work West were delighted to welcome Laura Barbero Switalski to Northern Ireland for the first time for a 2-day workshop in Creative Problem Solving.

Nick's Blog: The Changing World of Business.

Business leaders face a new challenge as success is redefined as making profit and contributing to the protection of the planet. Such a shift in focus means businesses are expected to make money while also creating a better world for future generations.

Nick's Blog: China: Friend or Foe.

China regularly captures the news headlines as its approach to government clashes with the West’s approach to democracy. Consequently, it is seen as a threat to the established way of doing things. But what is the truth?

Mid and East Antrim is a World of Enterprise

Mid and East Antrim Borough Council are encouraging residents, voluntary groups and community organisations to find out more about starting a business through the World of Enterprise Programme.