Digital Change Makers (funded with support from Erasmus+)

Digital Change Makers (funded with support from Erasmus+)

The Digital Change Makers programme, has been launched with the aim of increasing the ability and motivation of Business Advisors and Trainers to strengthen and deliver their digital skills in a forward thinking confident way, enabling their clients to maximise the potential of digital tools within their business growth.

The project brings together partners from Northern Ireland, Denmark, Netherlands, Ireland and UK.

The programme has created two practical resources for upskilling Advisors and Trainers.

  • Good Practice Guide - The aim of this Good Practice Guide is to compile 17 examples from European countries to show how business advisors can make use of digital tools when advising entrepreneurs.
  • Digital Change Makers Toolkit - practical guidance on incorporating 20 of the best online digital learning tools Online Learning Course - to consolidate skills and confidence in using mobile and digital learning resources.

Our online course is currently in development and will be launched May 2020:

  • Changemakers Online Course - a short, modular course that business advisors can use to strengthen their own digital skills and confidence. The target audience is business advisors and trainers working in all organisations. It will be an open, free online course on which individuals can access skills development opportunities and learn at their own pace through their own computer, tablet or smart phone.

You can find both Good Practice Guide and Digital Change Makers toolkit on the projects website - hear our latest news by following our social media channels.