Mid and East Antrim is a World of Enterprise

Mid and East Antrim is a World of Enterprise

Mid and East Antrim Borough Council are encouraging residents, voluntary groups and community organisations to find out more about starting a business through the World of Enterprise Programme.

Community and voluntary groups, sports clubs and youth groups are being offered the opportunity to explore ideas and find out what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

World of Enterprise is delivered for MEABC by Ballymena Business Centre. World of Enterprise will include interactive and fun workshops to generate enterprise ideas, coaching to develop ideas and create an enterprise action plan and signposting to sources of support to turn ideas into a reality.

Mayor, Councillor Maureen Morrow said: “Amplify, the integrated economic strategy for Mid and East Antrim, aims to strengthen enterprise culture within all our communities throughout the Borough. I am delighted that ‘World of Enterprise’ will engage our community to help them explore their potential to establish sustainable businesses, create jobs, promote inclusion and enhance wellbeing.”

Melanie Christie Boyle MBE, Chief Executive of Ballymena Business Centre said: “I believe every community aspires to have sustainable jobs for their residents or beneficiaries, every community dreams of the day when they can move away from depending on grants and being able to create their own income and every community has the desire to create new opportunities for future generations.  World of Enterprise can help make this happen by planting the seed of enterprise and helping community groups realise their own potential and have the confidence to pursue new ideas”.

To find out more about World of Enterprise visit http://www.ballymenabusiness.co.uk/world-of-enterprise.html or contact Melanie on 028 2568 9430 / email melanie@ballymenabusiness.co.uk .

For more information on business support available in Mid and East Antrim, contact: amplify@midandeastantrim.gov.uk