How Exploring Enterprise helped Gareth overcome barriers to self-employment

How Exploring Enterprise helped Gareth overcome barriers to self-employment

His Story Having been in an accident previously and as a result, becoming an amputee, I had been out of work for a while. During this time I started to help a friend with his books and decided that I would like to do my book keeping qualifications and start up my own business. So, I completed SAGE Level 1-3 but was not sure if the direction I was going in was the right direction.

Why he came on the Programme

I wanted to learn more about setting up a business and felt I needed to build my confidence in my own abilities.  I wanted to ensure that I had not overlooked anything and was interested in meeting other people that were considering self employment as well.

How has the programme helped him?

The programme has given me a great deal of support.  It has increased my confidence and created a real buzz with getting my business idea off the ground.

What are his key achievements?

The fact that I have actually started my own business and within a couple of months have secured clients.  I feel a real sense of achievement that I did it as there is part of me that wants to do everything at the one time but part of me that holds back so the fact that I have started has given me such a boost.

Where he is now compared to start of programme

I am still self employed and feel I have got the control back.  I can work my business around other things in my life as I have more flexibility and a better work/life balance.   I feel that I have got my direction back.

How he found the support from AEA?

The support has been excellent.  Kerry was always there to listen and even now after completing the programme I feel that I still have that support mechanism.  I could not have done it without the support.